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The Wear Your Soul Project is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping kids and young adults explore alternative outdoor sports, enabling them to find their passion and live a healthy, active lifestyle. The WYSP programs encourage the pursuit of individual outdoor sports which allow kids to build confidence, self-esteem and the basis for a healthy lifestyle without the pressure to succeed in a team environment. Along the way, they’ll gain confidence, role models, friends and an incredible support community committed to keeping kids on track to discover their passion and wear their soul every day.

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Adventure Outings provide an unmatched opportunity to learn and connect with an outdoor adventure sport of your choice, helping you to find your passion and then live it. Click here to show your support and bring WYSF to your city!

Our Mission

We believe that reconnecting our youth to the outdoors and to adventure will cause them to regard health and fitness as an elementary part of life, and will seek out these activities over sedentary past times.

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